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Things I've Left Behind and a Look At Toronto Through Video

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today at work I didn't have very much to do. The work term is winding down and they're weaning me off AngularJS so I can be safely introduced back into the real world. After lunch, I was stricken with an overwhelming urge to just write. To lock myself in my room and sit alone with a notebook and the internet and have at it.

I guess it's been since I got to university that I stopped writing a decent amount, enough to keep my ideas flowing and actually have some direction. The binders and binders of stuff at home speaks for itself in my quest to be a novelist, an author. I've been busy keeping up with my other priorities and I have so much more now to keep my mind stimulated constantly, between homework and trying to establish a name in the web development community while learning about all that good stuff.

Lately I've been focused on applying for jobs while doing all that I said I was trying to do in my being renewed post. Learning isn't easy if you want to do it right. I've always loved the quote below because of all it says. It kind of keeps you going, keeps you grounded.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. If someone seems to be accomplishing more than you, they're sacrificing more than you.

So I tried to do a little bit of writing. Nothing came. All I wanted to do was get some words out, but I was at a block. I haven't exercised my writing muscle in a while (this blog doesn't count, this is like a recap of my life — easy). I tried to think of a simple stupid teen romance story, nothing. It kind of makes me sad, because I know I don't really have the time to sacrifice/dedicate to writing right now. I still have a dream of being a writer, a best-selling one, but I guess right now it isn't in the cards.


Toronto in the medium of videos was requested, and I can't believe I didn't even think of it. I don't know why, maybe as mentioned above, I like writing. One time I thought about starting a vlog and having a Youtube channel, but then I didn't because I wasn't comfortable enough in front of the camera. I decided to take this one of Dundas/Yonge square, apparently the largest square in Canada in terms of people traffic. Or that's what I heard from a busker. Apologies for the portrait. I'm new at this.

Then I wanted to show the entrance to the Subway station (we were going to the LCBO (liquor store) in there). I love the subway and it's fun and Christian doesn't like when I imitate the woman on the PA telling you what stop it is and this one is also right under Dundas square, aptly named Dundas station.

So I think I'll take more videos, I want to show how ridiculous people are at 5:30PM (and at every other time of the day) and trying to walk through them is a nightmare because people in Toronto are not spatially aware, either when taking up a sidewalk or coming at me. I'm learning to square my shoulders instead of slinking around them. There's been so many times when I'm walking in a straight line and they're veering all over the place and then decide to walk straight at me! It drives me crazy.

For another amount of ridiculousness, Christian and I were saying goodbye today tucked in a corner and talking and we hear "Excuse me" in a really bitchy way behind us. This woman is standing there, expecting us to move out of her way because she didn't want to walk around us. Guh! It made me so mad, what an entitled bitch.

Anyway, I only have seven working days left and I'm really excited for a four day weekend and sleeping and getting to spend time with Christian. :)

Throwback Thursday: Australia 2013

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I think about the heat of Australia a lot. I absolutely loved those 40 degree days. Believe it or not, there were some days I was cold down there. But being worry free, relaxing, being at the beach, being lost in the chaos of Beatrice and Kris' wedding was all so awesome.

Christian's convinced he wouldn't go there for a work term for me. Ah well, I'll get back someday. To the other side, maybe. It was so beautiful. And warm. That's the important part.

Australian desert road

I also can't believe I got to hang out with some kangaroos. That's pretty awesome.

More kangaroo

And this guy...

thing staring at me

And see some dingos.

A dingo at my baby

Being at the beach in late February/mid March felt pretty good too. I loved loved loved it.

Beach scene
Christian doing handstand at beach scene
Close up handstand
Ladybug on my finger

And also cooking some burgers by the beach on an outdoor grill was pretty awesome. I wish we had these in Canada, but we'd only really get to use them for two months of the year.

Beachside bbq

I love travelling, and love seeing new places and this was a nice chance. The start of a lifetime of finding new places and seeking new adventures. I'm getting all sappy here, excuse me.

Desert tree
More Desert
Christian being a tourist

Of course we tried kangaroo burgers, why not after petting some kangaroos? They were gross. Would not recommend. We left half of our burgers at the table and walked away. For me it was mostly the chutney, not a huge fan, but the smoky gamey taste that went with kangaroo wasn't that pleasant either. Then we got bubble tea to get the taste of kangaroo out of our mouths. Christian gets intense about his bubble tea.

Kanagaroo burger
*Drinking intensifies*

I can't forget about one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to. It was like straight out of a top-picks Etsy catalogue or something. Except for the part where I got too drunk and started trying to talk in an Australian accent to Australian people. That one I still cringe a little bit at.

Because love
Jess's beer in a champagne flute
Drinking glasses for drinking
Christian trying to write his name
Christian trying to figure out how a phone works
No reception in Australia!
Dinner table

Our next planned vacation is going to be somewhere down south, I've never been, and it would be nice. And warm. That's the important part. I love the occupation I'm getting into and how it's sliding a lot into the idea of unlimited vacation. I'll be free to start travelling the world as I'm young and not worry about anything. It's an exciting time right now. I couldn't be happier.


It was also nice not having to worry about all my dry skin everywhere, seriously. I don't know how to stop it.

Can't forget the drinking part of it. :)

Penis sign
My drink is bigger than Christians

Lastly, the thing I loved that I never got the chance to take a picture of was the signs on the side of the road saying how much of a risk a fire happening was. Ooh. I found one. So cool.

Fire stranger danger

We've Been Renewed!

Monday, April 07, 2014

I have some exciting news to share that I've been holding in for a little while.

Last month, Christian applied for Apple and got an interview with them. He did five interviews total and it was a little bit like balancing on a fence there for a while, not knowing whether we'd be going back to Halifax or heading down to California. He got the job, of course he did, he's amazing. It was confirmed. We weren't going back to school for the summer.

I needed to start applying for jobs and it's been a flurry of trying to get some more completeness on my rails app, shine up my Hangman game, my portfolio, my Github account, my resume, my cover letter abilities, my other work. It was stressful, but I found a startup company launching in a couple weeks and told them about my passion for web development and Ruby on Rails.

This is my dream, and I'm happy to be able to be vacationing in a place as nice as California for a bit, seeing if it might be a swell fit for later on in my life.


Yesterday I had a little bit of a breakdown when another pair of my pants died at the inner thigh, which is a huge problem for me with these thunder thighs and small waist. Christian and I, sitting in front of my suitcase, dead pants grasped in my hand decided we both weren't happy with how we look right now. It turns out when you stuff your face with cookie dough and various other bad things such as Subway every day for lunch, you gain weight. Especially when you love mayo as much as I do.

So I've put on the dreaded winter weight that happens every year despite my saying every fall that I'm not going to fall victim to putting on weight this year but it happens anyway and my pants are being written off at an alarming rate. We're going on a supercut and I'm excited to get rid of these extra pounds and be ready for the summer and being half naked all the time. In a bathing suit. I'm also living in dresses this summer so I need to be ready for that. I'm also addicted to buying dresses because there's so many cute ones.

We're going for sushi tonight, after our Monday sausage lunch date (I do it for the sauerkraut...). For clarity's sake, because I can't stop making weird innuendos here, we meet up and buy sausages from a street vendor for lunch and stuff them with sauerkraut and mustard and eat them.

I can't wait to get some chopsticks in my hands again. I hope it's like riding a bicycle, or I might have to learn how to hold them all over again.

I have only this week, next week (with Friday off!) and the week after that (with Monday off!) until I'm done. Exciting stuff. We've decided not to go to Niagara Falls while we're here, because the only difference between being there and being here is the water and casinos, and we could find a casino here I'm sure and it would probably be hella cold there anyway.

I Guess I've Been a Busy Bee

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Wow. So the past almost two weeks have flown by. I've been in a flurry of creating my rails app, cleaning up some code on my other projects, creating a design for my rails app, going to movies, watching movies, etc.

I have a functional design going with my rails app, it's usable, just not pretty. I've been having a lot of fun with that and there are some nights where Christian and I will sit on our computers working on our respective projects until bedtime.

In reponse to the "no makeup selfie" craze, Christian and I took one ourselves because we're totally beautiful, with and without makeup.

Skating rink

Excuse Christian not having a shirt on, I keep it a toasty 27 degrees celsius in here.

We have had fun though. We watched the first Hobbit movie and then went to see the second Hobbit movie in theatres. That spurred a Lord of the Rings rewatch, and it took us four sittings to watch the last one, spanning over multiple days of course. We went to see Divergent the night it came out (yay!!). Christian went in blind and liked it. It was a book that I had read in one night and then read the rest of the trilogy and I'm so mad at right now. The movie was good though. They left out some parts, but it was a nice experience and didn't deviate too much from the book.

After the movie ended, we walked home, and ended up cutting through the square in front of city hall. Apparently a scene in one of the Resident Evil movies was filmed here.

Skating rink

And here's what it looks like opposite of this. So pretty!

Skating rink

Now that Christian's work has moved to a place 20 minutes away from my work, we get to walk to work together for most of the way. :)))) This week it's been a little crazy, starting when we saw these police cars.

Skating rink

Then Christian texted me and tweeted excitedly that he had seen people filming somewhere down the road between that and his work.

The next day I came across a scene actually being filmed. We were held up as they took up the road to film it, it was so cool. They had transformed the subway station into a New York one, and set up a stand.

Skating rink
Skating rink
Skating rink

We had speculated that it was the Beauty and the Beast show, and Twitter confirmed it. When the scene was over I saw a girl with medium-long dark hair walking away putting a coat on and I'm quite sure it was Kristen Kreuk!!! So that's the story I'm going with: that I saw Kristen Kreuk.

It was a long week, and I had an interview Friday. So, Friday afternoon, I went to get some yummy berries for lunch (trying to lose the freshman 15 I've put on) and got some alcohols. On my way back I saw the coolest Canada Post truck.

Skating rink

That night we went to see Craig Ferguson live. This was Christian's Christmas present, and it was playing in the building across the street.

Skating rink

He had such a presence and was hilarious. We were laughing through the entire thing. The reason the above picture is not of the comedian is because I was too busy laughing the entire time to think about taking pictures. Unfortunately that wasn't the case for the girl in front of us, who was also nice enough to keep her flash on.

Last night we drank the alcohol I got, which looked very cool but was terrible. Considering we had mini eggs for supper while we were watching Bad Words (fantastic movie by the way, hilarious.) we got drunk pretty fast. Off the Girls Night Out sparkling wine, haha. The beer was terrible, unfortunately.

Skating rink

Then we went to a bar a couple minutes away called the Shark Club, where we ordered four shots of something. I paid and this REALLY drunk guy decided to sidle over next to me and tell Christian that he has a beautiful woman like me and he doesn't even appreciate me. Christian got him kicked out. In a decently controlled way. Then we ordered four more shots of tequila.

Skating rink

Today we went to get some duct tape from Canadian tire, as the slats on the bed keep sliding off and we're scared it's going to break. I guess buskers season is starting, it's starting to get warmer and people want to make some money and perform.

Here's a guy on a really tall unicycle juggling knives. I gave him the change I had in my wallet. We got duct tape.

Skating rink

Anyway, I'm sorry this post was kind of a picture dump. It's been a crazy up and down week for me. On the upside, I only have one more month on this work term, four more weeks!

The Past Week

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Well, first of all, the guy didn't come to give us internet that night, so that was nice. I spent most of the evening staring out the window waiting for him and saw a car parked in front of a fire hydrant get in trouble with parking enforcement. The internet guy came the next morning and "hooked up the internet" without actually hooking up the internet. The modem apparently was being shipped to us. We got to set it up that night, except you need a Bell password to hook up the internet without routing the DNS to a google one (even though we didn't go with Bell we went with a French company called Youmano) and we can't do that on our phones. Yay. We've called the company multiple times and we've either been "first in line" without ever actually talking to someone or they're closed. At 2PM on a Saturday when they said they were open. Sigh. We're also both over on our data and so that's fun.

At least it was warm, it almost felt like spring. Until Wednesday. I was so sad. Walking to work, it was really windy and the snow was blowing in my eyes no matter what direction I walked. Then the next couple of days it was that gross, slushy melting and wet and my socks got wet.

Me with all the snow

But Thursday night we finally got a bed frame! When we were at IKEA the last night, they were out of stock, and I've been keeping an eye on the website to see, because the bed was only $49. What a steal. I looked on Thursday and discovered they had 23 in stock! We took the subway, where we packed in like sardines with all the people going home. It was so busy. We did get it home though, with extra for the bed slats, and after hold ups on the train and we got it put together with the help of the manual and little to no trouble like people complain about when they talk about building IKEA products. We didn't have a screwdriver and used: a knife, another knife, a spoon, keys, scissors, fingers and a paint scraper to get the screws in. It feels good to not be on an entire memory foam mattress on the floor anymore. We're real people! It looks a little lodgey, but it'll do.

Me with the bed frame
Finished bed frame.

Friday night, someone at Christian's work had invited people to come drink with him at a bar called the Biermarkt, or beer market. It was huge and had a LOT of imported beers. It was really nice. There was a live band and everything. The beer was really cheap (compared to some places at least, you know, like Australia where the equivalent of this would have been 40). I met more people at his work, and they seem to know the best bars around here. One we went to two or three weeks ago with people our age from Christian's work was an enormous house-turned-bar in a student housing part of town called Madison's, or as the locals call it, Maddie's. It was four floors and two conjoined huge century homes. Amazing. Every floor had a different theme. Anyway, in this other bar we were in Friday, it was packed. There was a line outside, but someone from Christian's work let us skip the line and let us in like we were VIPs. :)

We decided on a drink, Christian got a strawberry wheat ale, which tasted like strawberry with a hint of Kraft Dinner, and I ordered a Hoegaarden because it sounds sooo cool. It came in a glass like this. I was looking for a 12oz (a normal one) but managed to accidentally order something as big as my head.

I accidentally ordered a 24oz glass of beer.

Christian's drink looked like a baby drink next to mine, I felt like such a bro.

We sang our hearts out with the live band and stepped on a lot of broken glass, but it was such a fun night. Our walk home was warm and lovely and felt like spring (9 degrees at 5PM).

Yesterday we saw Need for Speed with Aaron Paul (eep) and I decided to finally take a picture of the penis statues we walk by every day to work. It was also cold again. Peh.

Penis Statues

We also went up possibly the longest escalator I've ever been on, holy shit. It took about a day to get up there.

A REALLY long escalator

That brings me back to my last point. I'm very ready for spring and I want to go back to somewhere warm like Australia where 40 degree days were the norm. #throwback

Me with all the snow

Being home is infinitely better than being at work right now, I haven't gotten sick of Christian yet, and I don't think I will. It's nice to know that we haven't really been apart for more than 8 hours since New Year's and we're still awesome and still have stuff to talk about. I do want this work term to be over, not because of being isolated with Christian, but because of how the work is.

My Work Experience in Toronto

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tomorrow we finally get internet! I'm so happy, because we've been without it for over a week and tomorrow we don't have to leave the apartment ever again except for work and food. Somehow I'm going to have to make an excuse to "go see a guy about an internet" and I get to leave work for an hour, yay. Last night Christian and I went for a two hour walk that ended at a hobo McDonalds and we got to see some new things, including these creepy statues, which apparently:

This element represents the remembered experiences of childhood that the artist suggests can sustain us throughout our lives. Open and abundant with possibility of meaning, it is the artist's stated intention that the work should most of all be enjoyed by children.

Here's those creepy little dog-rabbit statues we saw.

Weird dog-bunny statues

On that note, we've been hanging out at the Panera Bread and McDonalds around where we live. Panera Bread kicks us out at 10PM and then we go to the McDonalds, which is arguably full of hobos and crazy people. It is not a good place to be, especially late at night.

On this side of things, I'm not enjoying my job as much as I expected. I'm okay being here in Toronto, I like the city and everything, it's a good experience. I'm not learning as much as my job as I would like. I'm hired here as a User Interface / Front-End Developer, which means I work on modular pieces of the part of the software that people see. I fix problems with tables, timelines showing up, alignment issues, redoing parts such as the login page.

The problem is, 98% of the time, I'm the only UI developer in the office, as in, I'm the person who knows the most about this UI. Which, admittedly, is not a lot. The other two are in Mississauga and Hawaii. It's hard to ask questions and learn, and I just wish there was another UI developer there to bounce ideas and ways of approaching something. The rest of the developers in the dev room are backend Java developers or data mining specialists, so there's not much help there.

I came into this job knowing nothing about AngularJS and not even knowing the company used it for their front end so I was kind of thrown into it with a "here, learn this on the fly". A lot of my questions are much too specific to get StackOverflow's help, and I guess I'm a little frustrated because I only understand Angular a little more than when I started, and I'm supposed to take on pretty big projects with so little knowledge. I'm not even sure if I completely grasp the MVC of Angular yet.

That's most of my gripe about the job. The people are fantastic, and I am learning. I guess one of the ways to learn is to immerse yourself in it, like I'm doing with Ruby on Rails, but it's a difficult one. It's just hard on the feels when you submit code and have it ripped apart by one of the senior developers without much constructive criticism.

Winter Work Term Part 2

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

We're not homeless! Christian found us a place in the nick of time. It's in the same building, the Pantages, except on the condo side. Christian signed a lease and it's ours for two months! We live in a condo! It's a really nice studio apartment, which is all we need for the minimal amount of stuff we brought with us. The windows are the floor to ceiling type! The only downside is they let in a lot of cold air and it's the middle of winter.

I had been looking around for a place to store our luggage for a while, looking for lockers downtown and whatnot. I was under the impression that we would have to take our luggage around with us, which would be a pain in the ass, considering when we packed up, we had two suitcases, a big bag, our two bookbags and three reusuable grocery bags full of stuff. I didn't want to go anywhere with those. Luckily, I remembered that when we went to a hotel in Australia, they allowed us to store our luggage before we checked in. We checked with the front desk, and sure enough, we could. It seemed to not be a problem. We were then on our way to IKEA through the subway!

To give you an idea, we started at the Dundas stop and made our way all the way to North York at the Leslie station, about half an hour.

TTC Subway

The trip to IKEA was not as fun as last time, unfortunately. It was more about business and getting the essentials than it was about wondering over the showroom and flopping on comfy looking beds. We did lay on a lot of mattresses, and I wanted to get a cheap mattress in a box, but Christian decided against it in favour of getting one at Walmart. We also tried to get a bed frame that was on sale for $50, but the only IKEAs that have them in stock seemingly is the ones in BC. Poo.

We got a lamp, some candles, a ten dollar table, a fitted sheet (tan to match my red duvet cover!) and a hand towel.

We found our way to the Walmart after that. If you look on the map, we got off at the Dufferin stop from the Leslie one. I absolutely love taking the subway, it's like a different world. We got a mattress and some pillows, but the mattress is a memory foam one, which doesn't sound as exciting as you'd think. It's like slightly softer floor. Also, pillows are important and some cooking-ware.

We got back just in time to meet the guy and sign the lease and spent the evening setting up. Right now, the apartment has a very loft-y feel to it, which I don't mind. I've never lived a minimalist lifestyle before and that's definitely what this feels like. Except for my growing mountain of clothes. The minimalist community would shun me for that.

Apartment from the door
The kitchen
The kitchen
Our bed!

That night we went to the Eaton centre and got the most amazing crepe ever made. The crepe was made fresh in front of us, was smothered in nutella, a slice of cheesecake was put on it, with strawberries and dulce and then chocolate sauce drizzled over it, and whipped cream around it. Omg I melted.

Amazing Crepe

On Sunday we went to Dollarama and got more things than I ever thought I would ever get at once from a dollar store. We lazed around for the rest of the day and I read Carrie, which the movie made to be exactly like. It was perfectly in sync.

So far, we still don't have internet and I just found out that we didn't have the heat on and were wondering why it was so cold in here. For the record, I turned it on and it's up at 27. Such is life (I say as I post this from a McDonald's).

Our Lives in Limbo

Thursday, February 27, 2014

This Friday night, February bleeds into March, and the sublet for the apartment I found Christian and I ends. We move out on March 1st, into where? This is what I've been stressing about for a month. The girl we're subletting from was nice enough to let us stay for one more month where we proceeded to rack up a $240 extra fee on the internet. Yay.

With tireless Kijiji-fu, or Kijijing (you can choose which one sounds better), Christian found us a place in the same extended-stay hotel/condo we're in now, the Pantages. It is unfurnished but alone, no roommates. We haven't met with the guy yet, and are on Saturday night at 7 or 8 o'clock, five hours after we move out of this place to pay, sign papers and move into the next one. I'm hoping hoping hoping it's not a scam and we actually have a place to stay for the last two months.

So we'll be homeless for five hours with all our luggage plus some, because I bought a huge duvet. Smart, Jess, smart. On Sunday though, provided everything works out, we're going for another IKEA date to pick up some things for the apartment, a mattress, a lamp, some sheets, a side table, etc. I'm really excited and I've been browsing the IKEA website for days. There's some really good deals and I want to go lie in the beds again and pretend I'm an important person who has a huge bed with a big duvet and a thousand pillows.

This Weekend ft. Faren

Sunday, February 23, 2014

This past week was reading week. For people at Dalhousie, this means spring break, a week off. The lucky buggers. For me, and Christian and people on a work term right now, it means we get to work anyway, because spring breaks don't exist in the real world.

Well, when Christian and I got our jobs in Toronto, Faren said she'd come up and spend some time with us in Toronto for spring break because we'd be so stranded away from all our friends and family and she's from the GTA anyway. Win win! She had to work all week, but she decided to come up this Friday and stay with us for a bit!

She landed at 10:00PM on a day that started off really rainy and just ended up really windy. The walk down to Billy Bishop, which is on Toronto Island, was really windy and took an hour, but we made it before Faren landed. We waited on the mainland and Christian made jokes about the ferry having a hole in it and having to evacuate the elderly first and people, of course, gave him looks. Faren came over on the ferry on super choppy water and at one point the ferry started aiming going a different direction and sideways and it didn't look like it was going to make it. It did, fortunately.

We dropped her stuff off at the apartment and found a pub called Ein-stein's, which was about a fifteen minute cab drive away in the student bar part of town. With patron-chosen music (screamy stuff when we arrived) and drunk students, it was sketchy at first glance. But with no cover and some seats at the bar as well as better music, it was good. We caught up and bitched about Tyler and good stuff like that.

Us at Ein-steins
Us also at Ein-steins

After 2 pitchers of $10 house beer, we went to Big Fat Burrito to get possibly the best burrito ever at the best burrito place ever. We then went home and passed out, all of us in our little bachelor apartment, but the next morning Faren took us on the subway for the first time! It was three dollars and they gave you an adorable little token to put in the turnstile.

Subway token
Faren on the subway

And do you know where we were going?! IKEA! Mine and Christian's first time!! It was amazing.

IKEA flags
IKEA map and pencil

We walked through the showroom and sat on the couches and walked through the kitchens and laid on the beds and what lovely beds with lovely coverings they were. I didn't want to leave. There was so much cute and awesome stuff that was cheap and not Walmart-quality that I want one in NS or for it not to be so expensive to ship stuff there.

I've always wanted a down filled duvet because they look so warm and you can just curl up in them and they're so fluffy. I got myself one with synthetic fibers, but of course it's made to feel the same way, so it'll work until I decide to be an adult and spend like $70 on a blanket. I got a red duvet cover and used it last night and I was so warm and it was amazing. I also did something weird and got a blanket for if I get cold at work because sometimes it's freezing there but I don't know if I'll have the guts to pull it out if I do get cold enough.

We also played around and touched everything and people gave us looks. I also want to buy lamps from here.

Faren with a lampshade
Christian with 2 lampshades
Christian making a weird face

Oh. I also pushed Christian around in a cart and little kids asked their dads why.

The three amigos
Three peoples

After getting back from there, we had supper at Burger Bass, which is the most amazing burger I've ever had, even better than Darrell's, omg. We had dessert at the Eaton centre at Yogen Fruz, which I loved because I love frozen yoghurt.

Fat free Yogen Fruz
Chocolate Almond

We also went to this super hipster store, where they had such cute and colourful blankets that I wanted but couldn't get because I just bought a new duvet. The quilt would have been amazing and it was so soft.


Then we went to Jack Astor's and had drinks and nachos with cheez whiz on them which was suuuuper gross and then went to sleep. This morning we woke up and went to Union Station to catch the bus to Brampton where Faren's mom was picking us up. We missed the first one and got the second one, where we got to Brampton and were asked by many people if we had change. Brampton was somewhere I'm not sure I want to go to again. As Faren's mom says "It's a dirty place". Faren then showed us Orangeville. It was...pretty much like Faren's described it. Nothing spectacular. We didn't meet Faren's brother and Kenny, one of the fattest cats I've ever seen, got hair all over us.


I guess being alone with Christian for a month and a half has made me so used to his...er, mannerisms that I didn't notice it until Faren came and got a good earful of Christian's weirdness. It was entertaining to watch, and awesome that I didn't have to be the recipient of "Do you need me to grab you the rectal syringe you were looking for?" and "How's the diarrhea?" in public places for a couple days.

Faren and Christian
Faren and Christian

We took the subway back all by ourselves and are currently laying like whales on the couch because most of what we did this weekend was eat.

Overall, very good weekend. We have a lot of Tim Horton's (I have 1 win in 20 roll ups so far) and it went by too fast and now I have to go to work tomorrow and that makes me sad. But we're going back to IKEA soon and that makes me happy.

The First Valentine's Day I've Actually Gotten Excited About

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I've always been vehemently against Valentine's day for myself. I didn't like it and never celebrated it. I never even gave out Valentine's to the other kids in elementary school, but that's not because I was protesting the holiday (more like I was a shy little shit, lols). It just never seemed like I had a person to celebrate it with and it was stupid because stupid people in love were everywhere flaunting their stupid feelings for each other.

I guess that's until I had Christian in my life, who swore up and down he was going to make me like Valentine's day. Last year on Valentine's day we signed the lease on our house for September and he got me a rose and some M&M's and it really was great. This year he outdid himself and gave me a date that could be (and probably has been) in a movie.

I'm not bragging, I'm just so happy about it. In the days leading up to Valentine's day I got really excited and just couldn't sit through work on Friday. This has never happened to me before. I didn't end up getting Christian a Christmas present on Christmas but my being in the middle of nowhere was a little bit of a roadblock, and then I was going to get him something here. I was waiting for a credit card so I could order something online, but that unfortunately hasn't happened yet. I wanted to make up for it on Valentine's (I did end up getting him a Christmas present, I'm not a terrible girlfriend).

I ended up getting him a fountain pen, some ink and a brush pen which is awesome (see example here). He seemed to like it, he's been looking at fountain pens forever and I got him a starter one so he finally could get into the pen thing and see if he likes it.

Anyway, his plans outdid my present by a million trillion miles. I'll keep it short and sweet so as not to bore you. He planned it all and swept me away to the restaurant before he told me any of the plans he had for the night. First we went out to said adorable little Italian restaurant, where we sat and ate pasta and our waiter was an old man. That kind of restaurant. After that we went skating on a little outdoor rink on the harbourfront. <3

Skating rink

After our feet were sore as feet get when you skate on the skates skating places like that give you, we had shared a hot chocolate and Christian got chocolate all over his face as usual.

Christian with chocolate on his face like usual
Christian drinking hot chocolate

Then we went home and ate strawberries and chocolate and watched Frozen, which I've been waiting to see for weeks!

Strawberries & Chocolate

It was such a perfect Valentine's Day I can't believe it. Christian is the sweetest boy ever. Today we made bubble tea for the first time, which he wanted to squeeze in last night, but we simply didn't have enough time. So today, we walked to Chinatown to get tapioca pearls. Everyone there looked so unhappy, but it was pretty cool. All the signs were in Chinese, so we didn't know where we were going. We stopped at something that looked like a grocery store and tried to ask the cashiers where the tapioca pearls were but they ignored us.

It was a long process to make it and took quite a bit of setting up, as it takes boiled tapioca pearls soaked in sugar syrup, green tea, milk and blended or powder fruit. We made honeydew bubble tea with real honeydew, and it didn't quite turn out the same colour, but we're up to the challenge of perfecting it. So worth it.

Tapioca Pearls
Ingredients for bubble tea
Kind of green bubble tea

That did look greener in real life, I promise.

Anyway, happy post-Valentine's day to all, I hope it was good. :)

Christian drew a heart with his fountain pen