What is it Jess


My favourite part about flying is when the plane comes to a full stop on the runway, waiting for the all clear then the engines...
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A Day in Moncton

I remember finding the event in May. I'm not sure how I found it - probably a sponsored post on Facebook because I'm guilty of...
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Here's to being 23

I still very much love my birthday and I'm still not sure why. I mean, it's very likely, almost certainly because it just feels special...
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Our Little Monster

For a while the pet stores were our second home because we were constantly in there looking at fish and getting fish and fish paraphernalia...
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I'm so happy!

Wow, what a whirlwind of three months. I blinked and suddenly it’s November. My life has been pretty busy as of late, but in...
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Camera: First Impressions

A little while ago I decided to start saving up for a nice camera. I figured it might be good because Christian and I have...
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